‘Confessions of a Selenophile’ is a lifestyle blog, run by Raveena Dewangan born in year 1994. She confesses under the pen name ‘Shimmer’. Presently working as a freelancer. She first started writing  as a ‘Hobby’. Soon after being graduated from her small town Bhilai, and discovering herself completely aimless, She focused all her attention to her inner voices and moved to the city of dreams Bombay India (which she loves to call Mumbai) for learning & improving her writing skills.She loves sharing her daily life experiences and creates content curated from her personal interests.

She strongly believes in the “Theory of Law of Attraction”. Posting her expressions on Indian cinema she sees herself as a cinema critic in next 10 years. She is a lover of Indian cinema. The Fables and poems crafted by the blogger are a reflection to her personality. She reveals the secret behind the title of  her blog ‘confessions of a selenophile’. According to her a person discovers the best of himself/herself under their worst situations. ” Darkness is black and directionless, but never hopeless. As it has its own moon , the sign of hope in path of dark. The sign of relief in pain of being lost. I am a selenophile, a lover of moon.”

She also loves books, coffee, nature and culture. She never wishes to limit her writing to a particular topic or genre or is ever interested in teaching something to her readers. She wants her readers to be free and always encourages everyone to be the boss of your own mind. She objectively wrote for flourishing her heart, mind and soul.

She says , My liberty to pen is limitless. It may range from anything to everything. The god is everywhere, so the teacher is. Either your circumstances or time , the scope is infinite. We must keep learning and growing.”

When not into writing, I explore places. She provides information on cool things to do in the city, not only for visitors, but also for local residents who may have gotten bored of their regular routines, or may have just not realised the variety of things going on under their noses. She also covers beauty and fashion, which she takes from her own personal style, and occasionally delves into the realm of travel.